Medicines.ie contains accurate, up-to-date, regulator-approved information on medicines available in Ireland. The site is designed to be a comprehensive and easily searchable source of medicines information in Ireland.

It is widely regarded as an invaluable reference source by healthcare professionals, the National Medicines Information Centre and the Department of Health.

The information for each product comes in the form of a Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC or SmPC) and Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) or Package Leaflet (PL), where relevant. These documents are approved by the medicines’ regulator ( HPRA or EMA ) as part of the process of authorising a medicine for sale or supply in Ireland.

medicines.ie is continuously updated by pharmaceutical companies when new medicines are launched or the information for an existing medicine changes.

About the publisher

medicines.ie is published by the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA). The site is funded entirely by IPHA through the companies that place their medicines on the site and we do not accept advertisements and/or promotional information from third parties.

While IPHA represents the international research-based pharmaceutical industry in Ireland there is no restriction on non-IPHA members and we welcome the placing of any authorised medicine on the site.

IPHA’s member companies include both the manufacturers of prescription medicines and non-prescription medicines. IPHA advocates for the healthcare needs of patients and consumers to be met with valued, innovative medicines and solutions. For more information about the IPHA and the international research-based pharmaceutical industry in Ireland, please visit www.ipha.ie .

How to put medicines on medicines.ie

Any company that has a medicine on the market in Ireland may place it on medicines.ie for a small fee. To do so please contact IPHA at info@medicines.ie .