Help finding medicines information on

1. How to browse

You can browse using three alphabetical A to Z lists.

“Medicines” - a list of medicines sorted by their brand (trade) name. They can be sorted A to Z, Z to A, by Company Name and also by Date Updated (date that the document was last uploaded on the website). The list can also be filtered by Date Updated. The display tool allows for columns showing additional information to be selected.

“Active Ingredients” - a list of medicines sorted by the name of the active ingredient (generic or chemical name).

“Companies” - a list of the pharmaceutical companies that publish information on

3. About document history

Dates that appear associated with documents and that are in the document history section on refer to the last time that the electronic version was uploaded onto and have no regulatory significance. The changes may be technical updates such as improved electronic presentation or change in the company banner etc. Relevant regulatory dates are found in the documents themselves.

4. About SPC information

When a product is granted a marketing authorisation by a regulatory authority (e.g. HPRA) allowing it to be sold or supplied in Ireland, that authorisation contains a document known as the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC or SmPC), the wording of which has been agreed with the regulatory authority as part of the regulatory approval process. The SPC is designed to assist doctors and pharmacists in prescribing and supplying the product and describes what is in the product, what it’s used for, the dose, side effects, when not to use it, etc.