Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited - Formerly Napp Laboratories


Company products

Medicine name Active Ingredients Adizem-SR Capsules ADIZEM-XL Capsules BuTrans 15 microgram/hour transdermal patches BuTrans transdermal patches Flutiform 50 microgram/5 microgram, 125 microgram/5 microgram and 250 micorgram/10 microgram per metered dose pressurised inhalation, suspension. Flutiform K-haler 50 microgram /5 microgram, 125 microgram /5 microgram per actuation pressurised inhalation, suspension. Herzuma 150 mg and 420 mg powder for concentrate for solution for infusion Invokana 100 mg and 300 mg film-coated tablets MST Continus Tablets Nyxoid 1.8 mg nasal spray OxyContin prolonged release tablets OxyNorm 10 mg/ml solution for Injection or Infusion OxyNorm 50 mg/ml, solution for injection or infusion OxyNorm Capsules OxyNorm Concentrate OxyNorm Dispersa 5, 10, 20 mg orodispersible tablets OxyNorm liquid 1 mg/ml oral solution PALLADONE Capsules Palladone SR Capsules Pelmeg 6 mg solution for injection in pre-filled syringe PHYLLOCONTIN CONTINUS Tablets SEVREDOL Tablets Targin 15 mg/7.5 mg and 30 mg/15 mg prolonged-release tablets Targin 5/2.5mg, 10mg/5mg, 20mg/10mg and 40/20mg prolonged release tablets Targin 60 mg/30 mg and 80 mg/40 mg prolonged-release tablets